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(3 votes, average 4.00 out of 5) Profile4.00 out of 50 based on 3 voters., is an effort from top educationalists, students and parents of Chhattisgarh to make valuable information easily accessible to all of us. is one of the most talked about project in the education circle of Chhattisgarh. Inspired with a vision to help the students from all over the state to choose the best option for their education and career, aims to create a web based community where everyone helps each other with their knowledge and experience.


  • Questions & Answers: Anyone can post questions in our forum and get answers from other users as well as our experts panel. You can help others choose the best career options based on your experience.
  • Education Community: Knowledge is embodied in people gathered in communities and networks. The road to knowledge is via people, conversations, connections and relationships. Knowledge surfaces through dialog, all knowledge is socially mediated and access to knowledge is by connecting to people that know or know who to contact. Education Industry single handedly has brought India in a global limelight. Sharing your knowledge can further help India improve their education system from your invaluable feedbacks. Come join/register at today and become a part of this revolution.A rich information based education community will not only help the current generation choose the best option for their education & career, it will also inspire your future generation because knowledge is everything.
  • Research & Review:As per the recent survey, the education market is heavily commoditized and it is sold as a business rather than as a service. The parents never ever come to know about the actual details about colleges, institutes, teachers and faculty until they have already invested their lifetime savings toward the education of their child.Feel free to post your honest reviews about the institutes and colleges you have dealt the form of comments and rating feature available at
  • Feedbacks and comments:The site has been designed by a group of great experts from the education industry and developed by YuvaShine Software Applications with collaboration with an internal team of cutting edge software developers.If you have a great idea, send it to us. It would be our privilege to receive feedbacks & ideas from you.The feedbacks we have received from our experts have helped us immensly in making our site useful to our end users. One of the feedbacks received so far that are in the development pipeline is to build a Toppers Gallery. This would provide a comprehensive list of toppers from Chhattisgarh. The details would include their biography and what they are doing now. This would serve as a big source of inspiration for the current generation.
  • Social Share: Any page on our site can be easily shared by Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Please help our community grow by sharing our news articles and institute pages in your social profile.

To empower every individual take the best decision for their education & career.


  • To help every student from Chhattisgarh with our community
  • To list every single educational institute in our portal
  • To serve only honest and true information

Core Values:

Social Reforms:
India is in the midst of major social reforms. People like Anna Hazare have dedicated their whole life to fight corrutpion and injustice and establish a true lokpal in our democracy. Similar movements all across India are taking place at various levels to fight corruption and cleanup our ill & ineffective government system. is our efforts to promote fact based information to empower the people of Chhattisgarh to make right decision for their education & career. Our news are thoroughly researched and commests are moderated for fairness.

Giving back to the community:
“The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all.” ~Leo Rosten

As per the recent study, a lot of students miss out a great career that suites their talent and skills without proper guidance. Some people are hesitant to even ask questions to the right people. A lot of times the experts who could guide these people are totally out of time or beyond the reach. With our portal, we provide a platform for the needy and an opportunity for the experts to share their knowledge. Our section “Questions & Answers” is run by a panel of experts who are keen to guide the students take the best decision based on their talent.

This is your portal and make it what you want it to be.

Honesty & integrity
True and honest information is slowly eloping for our daily lives. But we empower everyone to voice their opinion & submit factual news and comments in our portal.

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