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04 September 2013

Inform students about loan subsidy

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Raigarh. Collector and the District Magistrate Mukesh Bansal instructed the Director and the Principal of Engineering and Polytechnic colleges to arrange for passing on the benefits of high education loan subsidy and also to make its wide publicity among the students.

In the circular letters sent to the Directors of Kirodimal Institute of Technology, O P Jindal Institute of Technology and Principal of Kirodimal Government Polytechnic, Bansal stated that Chief Minister' Higher Education Loan Scheme is aimed at granting loan subsidy to students aiming at higher education.

Under this scheme, the indigent students of poor families prosecuting their studies for technical and professional qualifications are granted the interest subsidy on the loans taken by them from the banks even after the end of moratorium period.

He has also instructed them (Principals and Directors) to take personal interest in guiding the guardians and the students concerned properly, if they face any difficulty in getting admission in the institute due to financial problems. If any problem crops up in getting the income certificates then straight away the sub divisional magistrate and tahasildar should be contacted to get the problems resolved.

He also instructed them (directors and principals) to remain in the constant touch with the bank officers and seek their help in getting prepared the loan cases of the desirous students.

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