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01 May 2013

CBSE to conduct English exam in two parts

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Bhilai. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made changes to the English core examination to be conducted during the session 2013-14. The examination was previously conducted on 100 marks but now has been classified into two sections naming written and oral wherein 80 marks would be allotted to written exam and the remaining 20 would be given to oral exam.

The aforesaid change has been made on the basis of ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills) and on question papers of 12th exams. This change would be applied to class 11th in the session 2013-14 and to class 12th during the session 2014-15.

The above rule would be valid in each school that is recognized to CBSE during the session 2013-14. A weightage of 20 marks scored from English core subject will be included to the results of 11th  examination.

English core subject will help students get better pronunciation of English words. In addition to it, the 20 marks scored from that oral exam will give students a chance to score better. Not only that, students will be made aware of the correct English pronunciation through trainings.

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