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10 January 2013

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semester break to agriculture students

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Raipur. Students from colleges that are affiliated to Indira Gandhi Agriculture University (IGAU) will just get three days as semester break. Classes will start on the same day when registrations are to be made i.e. on January 15. Officials informed that this arrangement will prevent studies from losing time track in future.

The delay in counseling since last few years has noticably affected the break that is allowed to students after semester exams. Semester exams are going to end on January 12, soon after three days of it, instructions will be given to start new session.

There is a deep resentment among students over the mis-management offered by university through counseling sessions.

University Officials informed that the counseling scheduled in the month of July held through the months September and October. Similary, the counseling for the year 2012 has failed to be organised on time causing the standard schedule lose its shape.

However, there will be some break given after semester exam to reset the schedule in order.

Notably, there should be at least 95 day classes through each semester.

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