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include hybrid course in PG and UG
07 January 2013

PRSU to include hybrid course in PG and UG

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Raipur. Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University (PRSU) is planning to include optional subjects through all schools and colleges affiliated to it. Under which, a student of science may chose Literature and Arts whereas a student of Commerce or Arts may go for one of their favourite science subjects.

Result of the chosen subject will be mentioned on the mark sheet as well as on the degree. The object of including optional subjects is basically to help students explore and brush up on their knowledge of other subjects apart from focusing on their primary ones.

This will first be experimented through the PG courses operated at study centres and if works out there, it will then be applied in the PG courses following UG (Under Graduation) in colleges affiliated to PRSU.

The academic and executive council of university has approved this program soon after receiving a letter from UGC. Moreover, a committee of all heads has been formed to study the entire system.

The committee has been asked to estimate the practical issues that may occur during the program, their solution, number of teachers required and the course pattern.

Besides that, the committee will also decide on the subjects to be included in PG first and final and also in the three years of UG.

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