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Festive Season and Studies

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It is the time of year, where every part of our nation celebrates festivities in different forms. Most common being, Navratri, Eid, Diwali, Christmas. But the most important time for the students is also the same months, Oct - Dec, where half yearly exams are conducted & followed by Model exams & final practical.

How can you enjoy as well as study? A common question which a student always tries to rationalize by stating one statement "It is once a year

celebration", "...oh diwali comes only once", "...we need to enjoy at least once" ...and blah blah blah.

For me when I hear this statement, it makes a different impact to me. I hear, excuses in these statements. 

For a willing heart to study and enjoy family get together with festivities, it can be managed very easily. As long as student knows his focus. All the students whom we have interviewed who has accomplished good success in competitive examinations, approach they follow is, "Work Hard now and play harder later", I am not saying, you just ignore all the fun and celebrations. As you have less work load from school, divert that extra time towards your revision & study of extra topics (for XIIth students, should review XIth topics). This gives you an edge over other students who might not be as focused and organized as you are.

Enjoying with a motto to focus energy of this joy towards more learning & personal growth. I consider PPPPP as the mantra, not every P will be perfect but it’s good to have a start then to just think about it.

Where P5 stands for

1. Proper

2. Planning

3. Prevents

4. Poor

5. Performance

I have firm belief, growth and success has higher percentage attached to LUCK and 

We at FyuGén™ define "LUCK" = "WORK". We have seen time and time again, principles of success remains constant. But yes the approach and applications does vary based on personal situations.

So please as a student do have best out of this festive season in your favor.

Every action of you should be leaping you towards your goals. Along with the fun and joy with your family & friends in celebrating festivities.

 Happy Holidays and Good Luck.

 God Bless and see you soon.

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Niren Patel

Co-Founder and CEO of the FyuGén™ Academy of Reserach and Training. Niren is an IIT-BHU (Varanasi) alumni. He holds Masters degree from University Of Cincinnati & MBA (purs.) from Andrew Jackson University, USA

Website: fyugen.com/ Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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