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Emotions are the driving factors for major success in human history, if we revisit all the major breakthroughs and success; we find emotional drive, lead to the revolution. For e.g. Mahatma Gandhi was so fanatic, emotionally attached to the personal freedom, and gave world’s biggest non-violence movement & independence to India.

For a student, fight comes in the form of daily activities. You should get ready to fight small battles daily & overcome to become. Means overcome emotional swings which come your way & excel. These are small bursts of negative thoughts which may sway you away. While you plan to study someday for let’s say 8 hrs. and for some reason unforeseen chain of events happen in your day & you could study only for 2hrs. How do you feel? do you feel dejected?,angry? upset? Or you feel nothing? or may be you feel more re-energized to study harder next day with more vigor.

You identify which category you fall.

Majority of student in this kind of situation, where things are not in their control might follow the lead of their emotions. And unknowingly wastes their energy in negative emotions.

For good learning and positive outlook, students have to be conscious about what emotions goes through in mind & how much is in creative mode. 

In my opinion, getting your mind and heart in alignment towards your goal leads to success. 

This is a crucial pillar which cements all other pillars in your life. This pillar fuels your actions & energy to be more focused for your "Career", helps you appreciate your "Family" and drives you closed to the supreme "Spiritual".

Emotion can make or break a person. As I said earlier, choice is yours. Either you lead your emotions or just follow the lead of your emotions, where ever it takes you.

I take this in different way, put your emotion to rein and have emotional remote control in your hand. Or else, anybody can deviate you.

When things go in your favor, you are happy. What if it’s not in favor as much, are you able to keep your head cool?

This pillar is a strong driver for growth in every aspect of your life. And the more control you exercise on this pillar, better professional you become.

Good Luck ... Make success your habit

God Bless


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