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Pillars of Student's Life 3 of 4

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I got delayed in publishing this article, was enjoying bed rest at home due to viral fever J


.. What I believe, topmost priority is, next pillar “Spiritual” (“आध्यात्मिक”), and then my “Family”, then comes my “Career”.  I will explain this, Why I state so at the end of my article series.

Spirituality has many connotations in our daily life. But if you think about it, it’s like a wave. Goes up and down depending upon who is talking about it. Many people are religious but not spiritual. Many are spiritual but not at all religious. I fall in later category. But what is the difference between religious and spiritual? Being religious is more of following certain rules, customs, process, chants, offerings etc.


Being Spiritual is of feelings, having faith, leading a life of compassion, caring for community, following a true path etc.

There is a marked difference between these two. As a student it’s good to know the differences and inculcate good habits in your own personal life. Leading good spiritual life, guides you towards your career goal. Staying true to your ambition is fueled by being spiritual.

Quality always yields quality, and is true for spiritual person. As a student, have a supreme power in your life & bow down in front of them. For many people, it comes in the form of religious leaders, gurus, family baba etc. It’s up to you how much time you spend to get the knowledge for your true success & how blindly you follow the route.

In your daily routine of life, have spiritual connection with supreme lord, I always say, I have a gigabit wireless connection with lord. Whenever help is needed, he will help out. J No need of trying to connect or any dc or offline status.

Some students do aspirin prayer. You know what is that? Well it’s like, when you have headache you take aspirin. Similarly when you are not studying well, exams are near, tests didn’t go as expected. You go to a temple and tell good lord, if you just pass me or give me A grade, I will present Rs 101 and 1.25 kg of peda J. It’s funny, why would the supreme power need your 100 bucks and sweets. And that too it’s conditional, after he passes you or gives you a grade. No No No, it doesn’t work that way. You do the work, put your best foot forward, work hard, study well, do all your homework and always remember your good lord, ask him to provide more strength and wisdom. So that you perform the best and get A grade.  If you do so, I am sure he will consider your prayer. Because it was not based on a condition, you worked hard towards it and that too genuinely.

Spirituality is more of feeling and way of living. It percolates in your personal life for your career growth & also positively affects your family and people surrounding you.


This leads to the next important pillar, completing the cycle and is “Emotional”, will share about this on Sunday 23rd September.

My prayers are with you in spirits for your success and growth in your endeavors. Good Luck and God Bless.

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