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Four Pillars of Student's hot milf
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This leads to 2nd Pillar, What makes you?


Family, it lays the foundation of your biological, social, physical existence in this wonderful place of human residence, Earth.

As we grow along, things changes, importance & priority shifts, overall life dictates the priorities and focus.

But in the due course of growth, one has to realize there is only one physical life. We better make best out it. And appreciate where we come from i.e. our roots. The foundation learning comes from family, basics like learning to walk, talk, be friendly, social etc. What if, while you were learning to walk and fell, and your parents would have said “Oh my God, he is no good, cannot walk, its waste to teach him” (“अरे यह तो चल नहीं सकता, छोडो बेकार है इसको सीखाना”) and have stopped teaching you to walk, and just let you sit. What would have happened, you would have not learned anything? J

Well it never happens; family is always there in highs or lows to cheer you up. They are your best encouragers. No wonder holy books from all walks of life, states “Home is First School” & is very true in every aspect of life.

Student should have this pillar very strong, and should learn the language what their elders speak. Let me explain what I mean, parents may or may not have very big degrees what they are encouraging their kids to have. They have their own way of supporting you for your first pillar “Career”, hence when they say study hard, do not watch TV, no video games, no mobile, no facebook etc. what they actually mean is: Please do not deviate from your Career goal. And give your best to accomplish it.

Every person have different way to express it, especially father in home, he sounds & appear to be very strict in students (child's) mind. Because he spends less quantity time, but more of quality time.

On the other hand mother, is very approachable. And she is helping you in your daily routines. You can even scold her at times, still she will stand next to you without being upset and will also wake up earlier than you in morning & prepare cup of tea, in case you planned to wake up early and study. Many a times these gestures are taken in the form of pressure or being over cautious by students.

I believe in preaching what I practice and keep focus to follow it, is my priorities.

For me family has utmost priority, you will be surprised to read this statement, “even before my Career goal”.

What I believe, Topmost priority is, next pillar “Spiritual” (“आध्यात्मिक”), then my “Family”, then comes my “Career”.  I will explain this, Why I state so at the end of my article series.

We will talk about the next pillar “Spiritual” on 20th September, Thursday 3 of 4

Happy Reading.

Your suggestions, feedback & opinions are always welcome, because we want unbiased platform for quality, it will happen steadily as we all contribute bit by bit.

So please do comment, if you identify yourself to above mentioned thoughts or have something more to add. Please share with your friends & family. Thank You!!

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