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Korba. Coaching classes for PET and PMT examinations through Chhattisgarh Edusat Network will commence on March 31. Students appearing in PET and PMT and those studying 12th with science subjects of session 2014-15 may take benefits from this coaching. Coaching would be free of cost.

Interested candidates may present at the nearest SIT center. Classes would be conducted from 9 am to 12 pm.

Coaching will be given at SIC centers including DIET, Korba, Government Higher Secondary School, Korba, Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Balco, Govt. Hr. Sec. School Katghora, Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Jaminipali, Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Kartala, Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Kothari, Govt. Hr. Sec. School Pondi, Uproda, Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, Pali, Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Bhilaibazar.

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Bhopal. Admissions of 164 students from PMT-2012 have been cancelled. Special Task Force (STF) in this regard, has sent a list to Medical Education Department and Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal.

STP on Wednesday, will present a challan against PMT-2012 case. Consisting of more than 8,000 pages, the challan reveals the names of several defaulters.

According to STF, about 164 ineligible candidates were selected during PMT-2012 examination.

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Durg. Dr. Naman Agrawal from Durg has achieved 17th place on All India Level while stood first in the state in the Pre PG examination 2013 conducted for doctors for admission to PG courses such as MD and MS.

Dr. Naman was previously awarded by the Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh for achieving 4th rank in Pre Medical Test (PMT) held in the year 2007.

Dr. Naman Agrawal is the son of Dr. Shyam Agrawal and Dr. S.K.Agrawal.

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Ambikapur. In a commendable initiation, District Education and Innovation Committee has selected school students from tribal area of the division for free of cost coaching for preparation of Pre Engineering Test and Pre Medical Test.

Students are provided coaching keeping in view the subjects of Board examination. Students in the coaching, are being explained science theories in detail. Coaching was started in presence of District Collector R Prasanna. From different school group of students in Biology and Mathematics were selected and different batches, consisting of 60 students in each was made.

District Coordinator Dr. Brijesh Pandey informed that the coaching was started back in December which has continued until May with overall 65 days of long special classes conducted. Amit Kumar Agrawal, a registered student of the coaching secured 90.4% marks in 12th Board exam and another registered student Udesh Kumar secured 90% marks in the examination, informed Pandey.

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Raigarh. Centre for the entrance examination for admission to PMT free coaching 2013-14 to be held on May 5 from 11 am to 1 pm has been changed due to some inevitable reasons.

The previously assigned Government Naveen Girls School Raigarh has now been changed to Government Girls Higher Secondary School Putri Shala, Palace road, Raigarh.

Students clearing this entrance exam will be entitled to receive a free coaching on preparations for PET and PMT for an entire year.

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It is the time of year, where every part of our nation celebrates festivities in different forms. Most common being, Navratri, Eid, Diwali, Christmas. But the most important time for the students is also the same months, Oct - Dec, where half yearly exams are conducted & followed by Model exams & final practical.

How can you enjoy as well as study? A common question which a student always tries to rationalize by stating one statement "It is once a year

celebration", "...oh diwali comes only once", "...we need to enjoy at least once" ...and blah blah blah.

For me when I hear this statement, it makes a different impact to me. I hear, excuses in these statements. 

For a willing heart to study and enjoy family get together with festivities, it can be managed very easily. As long as student knows his focus. All the students whom we have interviewed who has accomplished good success in competitive examinations, approach they follow is, "Work Hard now and play harder later", I am not saying, you just ignore all the fun and celebrations. As you have less work load from school, divert that extra time towards your revision & study of extra topics (for XIIth students, should review XIth topics). This gives you an edge over other students who might not be as focused and organized as you are.

Enjoying with a motto to focus energy of this joy towards more learning & personal growth. I consider PPPPP as the mantra, not every P will be perfect but it’s good to have a start then to just think about it.

Where P5 stands for

1. Proper

2. Planning

3. Prevents

4. Poor

5. Performance

I have firm belief, growth and success has higher percentage attached to LUCK and 

We at FyuGén™ define "LUCK" = "WORK". We have seen time and time again, principles of success remains constant. But yes the approach and applications does vary based on personal situations.

So please as a student do have best out of this festive season in your favor.

Every action of you should be leaping you towards your goals. Along with the fun and joy with your family & friends in celebrating festivities.

 Happy Holidays and Good Luck.

 God Bless and see you soon.

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Tribal Development Assistant Commissioner Tarkeshwar Devangan stated that under Backward Regional Grant Fund (BRGF) programme, an entrance test has been organised for the coaching of Pre Medical Test (PMT) and Pre Engineering Test (PET) for the year 2012-13, which was held at Maharani Laxmi Bai Kanya Higher Secondary School S. No. 1 Jagdalpur on Sunday.

Several studetns studying in 12th standard of Higher Secondary School under Bastar District Science and Mathematics Division attempted this test. The question paper pattern for this test was similar to the test pattern of PMT and PET examinations. In which, there were 100 objective questions related to the major topics from the subject. Students clearing the entrance will be gicen admission in the coaching.

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Emotions are the driving factors for major success in human history, if we revisit all the major breakthroughs and success; we find emotional drive, lead to the revolution. For e.g. Mahatma Gandhi was so fanatic, emotionally attached to the personal freedom, and gave world’s biggest non-violence movement & independence to India.

For a student, fight comes in the form of daily activities. You should get ready to fight small battles daily & overcome to become. Means overcome emotional swings which come your way & excel. These are small bursts of negative thoughts which may sway you away. While you plan to study someday for let’s say 8 hrs. and for some reason unforeseen chain of events happen in your day & you could study only for 2hrs. How do you feel? do you feel dejected?,angry? upset? Or you feel nothing? or may be you feel more re-energized to study harder next day with more vigor.

You identify which category you fall.

Majority of student in this kind of situation, where things are not in their control might follow the lead of their emotions. And unknowingly wastes their energy in negative emotions.

For good learning and positive outlook, students have to be conscious about what emotions goes through in mind & how much is in creative mode. 

In my opinion, getting your mind and heart in alignment towards your goal leads to success. 

This is a crucial pillar which cements all other pillars in your life. This pillar fuels your actions & energy to be more focused for your "Career", helps you appreciate your "Family" and drives you closed to the supreme "Spiritual".

Emotion can make or break a person. As I said earlier, choice is yours. Either you lead your emotions or just follow the lead of your emotions, where ever it takes you.

I take this in different way, put your emotion to rein and have emotional remote control in your hand. Or else, anybody can deviate you.

When things go in your favor, you are happy. What if it’s not in favor as much, are you able to keep your head cool?

This pillar is a strong driver for growth in every aspect of your life. And the more control you exercise on this pillar, better professional you become.

Good Luck ... Make success your habit

God Bless


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I got delayed in publishing this article, was enjoying bed rest at home due to viral fever J


.. What I believe, topmost priority is, next pillar “Spiritual” (“आध्यात्मिक”), and then my “Family”, then comes my “Career”.  I will explain this, Why I state so at the end of my article series.

Spirituality has many connotations in our daily life. But if you think about it, it’s like a wave. Goes up and down depending upon who is talking about it. Many people are religious but not spiritual. Many are spiritual but not at all religious. I fall in later category. But what is the difference between religious and spiritual? Being religious is more of following certain rules, customs, process, chants, offerings etc.


Being Spiritual is of feelings, having faith, leading a life of compassion, caring for community, following a true path etc.

There is a marked difference between these two. As a student it’s good to know the differences and inculcate good habits in your own personal life. Leading good spiritual life, guides you towards your career goal. Staying true to your ambition is fueled by being spiritual.

Quality always yields quality, and is true for spiritual person. As a student, have a supreme power in your life & bow down in front of them. For many people, it comes in the form of religious leaders, gurus, family baba etc. It’s up to you how much time you spend to get the knowledge for your true success & how blindly you follow the route.

In your daily routine of life, have spiritual connection with supreme lord, I always say, I have a gigabit wireless connection with lord. Whenever help is needed, he will help out. J No need of trying to connect or any dc or offline status.

Some students do aspirin prayer. You know what is that? Well it’s like, when you have headache you take aspirin. Similarly when you are not studying well, exams are near, tests didn’t go as expected. You go to a temple and tell good lord, if you just pass me or give me A grade, I will present Rs 101 and 1.25 kg of peda J. It’s funny, why would the supreme power need your 100 bucks and sweets. And that too it’s conditional, after he passes you or gives you a grade. No No No, it doesn’t work that way. You do the work, put your best foot forward, work hard, study well, do all your homework and always remember your good lord, ask him to provide more strength and wisdom. So that you perform the best and get A grade.  If you do so, I am sure he will consider your prayer. Because it was not based on a condition, you worked hard towards it and that too genuinely.

Spirituality is more of feeling and way of living. It percolates in your personal life for your career growth & also positively affects your family and people surrounding you.


This leads to the next important pillar, completing the cycle and is “Emotional”, will share about this on Sunday 23rd September.

My prayers are with you in spirits for your success and growth in your endeavors. Good Luck and God Bless.

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This leads to 2nd Pillar, What makes you?


Family, it lays the foundation of your biological, social, physical existence in this wonderful place of human residence, Earth.

As we grow along, things changes, importance & priority shifts, overall life dictates the priorities and focus.

But in the due course of growth, one has to realize there is only one physical life. We better make best out it. And appreciate where we come from i.e. our roots. The foundation learning comes from family, basics like learning to walk, talk, be friendly, social etc. What if, while you were learning to walk and fell, and your parents would have said “Oh my God, he is no good, cannot walk, its waste to teach him” (“अरे यह तो चल नहीं सकता, छोडो बेकार है इसको सीखाना”) and have stopped teaching you to walk, and just let you sit. What would have happened, you would have not learned anything? J

Well it never happens; family is always there in highs or lows to cheer you up. They are your best encouragers. No wonder holy books from all walks of life, states “Home is First School” & is very true in every aspect of life.

Student should have this pillar very strong, and should learn the language what their elders speak. Let me explain what I mean, parents may or may not have very big degrees what they are encouraging their kids to have. They have their own way of supporting you for your first pillar “Career”, hence when they say study hard, do not watch TV, no video games, no mobile, no facebook etc. what they actually mean is: Please do not deviate from your Career goal. And give your best to accomplish it.

Every person have different way to express it, especially father in home, he sounds & appear to be very strict in students (child's) mind. Because he spends less quantity time, but more of quality time.

On the other hand mother, is very approachable. And she is helping you in your daily routines. You can even scold her at times, still she will stand next to you without being upset and will also wake up earlier than you in morning & prepare cup of tea, in case you planned to wake up early and study. Many a times these gestures are taken in the form of pressure or being over cautious by students.

I believe in preaching what I practice and keep focus to follow it, is my priorities.

For me family has utmost priority, you will be surprised to read this statement, “even before my Career goal”.

What I believe, Topmost priority is, next pillar “Spiritual” (“आध्यात्मिक”), then my “Family”, then comes my “Career”.  I will explain this, Why I state so at the end of my article series.

We will talk about the next pillar “Spiritual” on 20th September, Thursday 3 of 4

Happy Reading.

Your suggestions, feedback & opinions are always welcome, because we want unbiased platform for quality, it will happen steadily as we all contribute bit by bit.

So please do comment, if you identify yourself to above mentioned thoughts or have something more to add. Please share with your friends & family. Thank You!!

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