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(23 votes, average 4.61 out of 5)About ChhattisgarhStudy.com4.61 out of 50 based on 23 voters. ChhattisgarhStudy...." /> About
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(23 votes, average 4.61 out of 5)
About ChhattisgarhStudy.com4.61 out of 50 based on 23 voters. is owned and operated by YuvaShine Software Applications Private Limited.The site was launched in June 1st, 2012. The site is officially promoted on Google and local billboards (aka hoardings). is an online education portal geared to serve the education industry of Chhattisgarh, India. Unique features of this portal includes:

  • News related to education from around the world with focus on Chhattisgarh.
  • Questions and answers segment helps students and teachers alike in solving problems related to career and education.
  • User friendly design to help easy navigation for users looking for a particular information.
  • Location filter helps find the institutes located in a particular city or district.
  • Provides an ideal platform for small and big institutes alike to promote their institute on the Internet with banner and content ads.

The core team of who made this possible are: 

Vision & Mentoring: KP Babu

Content Administrators: Omkar Sidhu, Dhananjay Diwan, Rajesh Thakur, S Kishor Kumar

Quality Control: Rakesh Kumar Sarjare

Editor: V. Jai Kishan

Tech Architect: Gyanesh Sharma

Core Development Team: Hung Dinh, Phill Luckhurst, Christian Musk, Gyanesh Sharma, Aanand Tiwari

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